Cyclone Winston Relief Voyage

Date Published: Mar 1st, 2016 - Comments
Author: Rob Barrel

NAI'A departed Lautoka Tuesday night absolutely stuffed to the gills with food, supplies and building material that was donated by businesses and individuals in Fiji or purchased with cash donations from overseas. 

Only when NAI'A returned to port on Saturday -- four days ago -- with photos and stories about the utter devastion on some of the outer islands did the magnitude of this disaster strike home. Alexx and the Pacific Harbour office crew shifted into high gear and put the word out that NAI'A would return to some of the hardest hit islands this week. Aid flowed every way it could: people we don't know donated their time, their money and their stuff to make this relief voyage as helpful as possible. Beginning Wednesday morning in Kubulau the crew will begin unloading supplies for the people who need them most.

To everyone who helped with this gargantuan effort: vinaka vaka levu!


“Fiji is a hot spot of biodiversity. We’re here for the rich colorful soft coral reefs as well as the unusual stuff - the strange little creatures and endemic fishes.”

Dr. Tim Laman, biologist and National Geographic Photojournalist

~ Dr. Tim Laman, biologist and National Geographic Photojournalist