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Sometimes, the Sun Just Won't Shine
Date: September 23 - October 7, 2000
Destination: Central Fiji's Finest & Northern Lau Exploratory
Special Correspondent: Judy Richardson - Nitrox student extraordinaire, poet, warrior princess
Happy Birthday: Jeff Davis III - 40 years young!

Cheers, Jeff!

(Some trips are, well, unusual. Let's leave it to Judy's words and these, er, revealing pictures to tell the whole story of this stormy venture into the unknown.)

by Judy Richardson

Learn Nitrox.

Acronyms- Right Brain definitions
OCT. (October) 2, 2000
Dear CAT (Catherine Holloway),

I want to say that even though I was suffering from a RNT (rather nasty time) with a MOD (monster ouch dent) in the head and got PO2 (pissed off twice) or more at the ABT (absolutely bullshit text), you always had an ATA (amazingly terrific attitude) with me. So in spite of the EAN (especially annoying nonsense) problems to solve, I learned the NDL (necessary diving language) so that I could CNS (count on knowledge for safely). Now I'm FSW (feeling so wonderful) that I am a DCS (diving class success), TDI (thanks from deep inside)! NOAA (now our accolades and acclaim) to an OTL (obviously terrific lady)! As for these acronyms, they can EAD (end at the dump) and FO2.

Hugs, JR (Judy Richardson, the Right Brain)

Left Brain definitions
RNT - residual nitrogen time
MOD- maximum operating depth
PO2 - partial pressure of oxygen
ABT - actual bottom time
ATA - atmospheres absolute
EAN - enriched air Nitrox
NDL - no decompression limit
CNS - central nervous system
FSW - feet of sea water
DCS - decompression sickness
TDI-Technical Diving International
NOAA- Nat. Oceanographic & Atmospheric Admin.
OTL - oxygen time limit
EAD- equivalent air depth
FO2 - fraction of oxygen

Frida and Samu.


Kathy, Kai, Nancy, Stan & Larry.

The Great Doctor Wally
by Judy Richardson

Visiting a local hospital.

On a beautiful day she went diving.
On the reef with the fish she was thriving.
When she approached the skiff,
The wave gave short shift,
The boat towards her head it went flying.

Rob came to her aid in a hurry.
When he saw the gash, oh he did worry.
On the upside down boat,
She and Bale did float,
Then back to the ship they did scurry.

They looked in alarm at her head,
And watched as it bled and just bled.
They said it is best,
That she take a rest,
And off to the doctor they fled.

They called Doctor Wally the surgeon.
He came right away with no urging.
He said, "Do not twitch
While I put in a stitch,
And stay away from the ocean that's surging."
Doc said, "Get it into your mind,
From diving you must now resign.
Put your head in white gauze,
And take a long pause,
Then everything will be just fine."

She lay in her bed and did cuss.
Then she said, "Make a smile and don't fuss."
With the help of the crew,
And the passengers too,
They said, "Come and hang out with us."

Then finally the stitches came out,
The patient, she let out a shout,
Because the scar was so fine,
She had peace of mind,
And the surgeon she raved all about!

A big thank you to Wally she sends.
With his help so well she did mend.
With his skill and his charm,
Healed her head and her arm,
And this now is finally the end!

Zyg & Wally.

Sueling, Dieter & Rusi.

Manasa_and Sereana.

Rob & Judy.

Bale, Dick, Judy, Fontaine, Sueling & Zyg.