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Date: October 20-27, 2001
Destination: Lomaiviti Express
Cruise Directors: Stuart Gow and Helen Sykes

The awesome divers of NAI'A's October 20-27, 2001 charter.


The best thing? The enthusiasm of the staff and the knowledge about sea life of the cruise directors.
Michael B Strauss, California

The crew was friendly and professional
Gerald Kinghorn, Utah

This is a well-oiled machine! The guides know where to find good stuff. Manasa the chef is absolutely incredible. I liked the interaction with the entire crew and visiting the village.
Sasha Strauss, California

The dives were awesome and the crew excellent - they can make or break any trip.
Richard Diamond, California

A great operation. Helen and Stuart and the staff make the whole thing come together.
Eric Berg, Colorado

My tenth live-aboard trip and the best yet. I asked the uw-photo list on the Internet to find out which boat in Fiji I should choose. The responses were as follows:
Aggressor - zero
Matagi Princess - zero
Sere-ni-wai - zero
NAI'A - 12
Chuck Tribolet, California

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