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Trick or Treat
Date: October 27 - Nov 3, 2001
Destination: Halloween in Lomaiviti
Cruise Directors: Stuart Gow and Helen Sykes

Helen the Witch.


Helen and Stuart and the crew eagerly ensured we had a great trip. All the dive guides were terrific.
Teb & Cristy Barnes, Missouri
[email protected]

The crew's consideration for all the individual’s needs is really great. Everyone was taken care of in the skiff, underwater and at the dining table. Truly a great family. Best dive tip we’ve ever had!
Ken & Tammy Marks, Florida
[email protected]

Attentive and professional crew
Bob & Shari Jones, New York
[email protected]

The entire crew was great
Peter & Gail Bunce, Missouri
[email protected]

Helen and Tammy Witch

Wee Nai'a Pumpkin.

Richard the Witch.