Return to NAI'A

Liz & Josh Take the Helm
Date: October 18-25, 2003
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Lomaiviti
Returning Guests: Donn & Fluffy Winner

Liz & Josh.

Liz and Josh, NAI'A's new cruise directing team, took the helm this trip. The kava flowed, the dive sites glowed and Kathie Hampp's infectious laughter rocked the boat -- mainly over stories about Phil Carta's wife's hairy ass, and her other barnyard creatures. Donn and Fluffy Winner endured another whole week aboard NAI'A burning through film faster than we could process it. Richard Lopez enjoyed his first ever week of diving at sea, starting the trip with just six dives in his logbook. While exiting cruise director, Cat Holloway, 20 weeks pregnant, snorkeled and waddled about on her last NAI'A expedition for a while.
Since so much creative juice and coarse Aussie slang spilled over the "tanoa" (kava bowl), best we let the art speak for itself...
From the anonymous poet -- although we have a good idea who you are and where you live!

Josh is a well known Aussie
He can name all the fishies
The size of his "tackle"
Makes all the girls cackle
It's too tiny to fulfill their wishies

Liz is queen of the Brits
Amongst the corals she flits
She is quite feisty
To the "Aussie" she's ta(i)sty
And has simply fabulous wits

The Nai'a is ruled by a Cat
She knows all about this and that
The air it is warm
So you all are forewarned
Anonymous says: I'll be back

To the unknown teller of tales
Be it a man or a group of females
So lift up your voices
And cry out most boisterous
Hail! Anonymous hail!

But Julie Sherwin's effort took the cake...

Josh is a diver with class
But his tackle's constructed from brass
When it all clangs together
He plays "Stormy Weather"
And lightning does shout out his ***

Phil Carta & Luther Greene share a sulu and swig the kava.

Anonymous and Julie Sherwin lower the tone.

Finally, a farewell fling from Cat

For years I've dived reefs from on Nai'a
And it's made me a skilled current fly'a
But I quit the hard stuff
'Cause I'm now up the duff
Though of this I never will tire

I've enjoyed all your laughter this trip
As I'd sought coral, fish and friendship
We found those in boatloads
Thanks Sloan and Donn for photos
Though I look like the giant Goodyear blimp

Now as Liz & Josh head out to sea
I wish for them all the same glee
Of adventure underwater
And huge bacon orders
This is one place we are lucky to be


There once was a blenny named Fred
'Til a moray eel bit off his head
As he swallowed it down
He said with a frown
I'd rather nibble Josh's "tackle" instead

Cat snorkels with her bulging 20-week old bub.


Fluffy Donn Winner select the best of their beautiful pictures.

We had the best of everything: the tales and stories from Rob on our first trip. The National Geo guys and Les, so interesting, on our second trip. On our second trip we had Cat all to ourselves for her stories. What an interesting life you both live, only to be enhanced by a little baby (boy!!) in a few months. And so to the both of you, and Josh & Liz, these past three weeks on the Nai'a have been more than special for Donn and I. It is hard to believe that we will be leaving tomorrow -- your crew, each and every one -- fantastic. The diving and snorkeling all spectacular, the two groups of passengers -- so interesting and fun. Every day went so quickly. Thank you all so much -- all the best.
Fluffy & Donn Winner, Massachusetts

Sloan Gallipeo strumming a tune.

Kathie Hampp jamming with the boys.

Gary Findley shakes it up.

Sunny, Richard and a Fiji sunset

To all the Nai'a crew -- thank you for making this week so special for Richard and me -- not having been on a liveaboard for 18 years, you made me remember how much fun it is to meet new people and create new adventures -- with class I might add! We will see you again -- soon I hope -- with much aloha.
Sunny Vermaas & Richard Lopez, Hawaii

Jerry Overton.

Thanks. A fine professional crew on a 1st rate ship. A full week of fun and fine diving.
Jerry Overton, Florida

We had an excellent time on board this week! It was so much fun! We enjoyed the whole experience! The village visit was wonderful, too! Thanks for everything. You are a great bunch!
Mike & Sloan Gallipeo, California

Thank you for a wonderful week sharing such fun and beauty. All the best!
Kathie & Rob Hampp, Connecticut