Return to NAI'A

More Bligh Water Please
Date: November 12-22, 2003
Destination: Bligh Triangle
Returning Guests: Lianna Anderson, Tim Behrendt and Lucy Wu, Jeff Cohen, Dorothy Williams, Adela Bishop, Howard Pelovitz and Rochelle Gibbons, Paul and Joan Bridges, Casey Mahaney

A whopping 11 out of 14 guests this trip were returning passengers, back for another dose of Fiji's finest diving. Among them was Casey Mahaney, the man behind the words and photos in Lonely Planet's Diving & Snorkelling Fiji. Joan and Paul Bridges came aboard to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and were serenaded by the NAI'A crew as they blew out the candles on their anniversary cake. Adela Bishop hit the books and studied hard to join the Nitrox fold. Lianna Anderson clocked her 300th hour underwater while spotting a newborn whitetip reef shark at Anthias Avenue. And, Tim Behrendt and Lucy Wu returned to NAI'A as a happily married couple, after meeting for the first time during a previous trip. Nearly every diver aboard was a keen underwater photographer, and shot enough beautiful pictures to create a wonderful slide show at the end of the trip.

Is it Casey Mahaney, or is it Elvis?

Joan and Paul Bridges celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Lucy Wu and Tim Behrendt, who first met each other aboard NAI'A.


Thank you for your efforts in making this return trip another one to remember! The diving and boat are always wonderful, but the best memories are of the people, the crew. I look forward to returning again! With all the best to the best.
Lucy Wu, San Jose CA

Thank you very much for this marvelous trip.
Vitor Silva & Teresa Timoteo, Portugal

Diving Fiji was great as always, but Liz, Josh and the crew truly go out of your way to make the whole experience a special one. I look forward to seeing everyone again.
Jeff Cohen, New Jersey

Even though sun-less, the warmth from the crew was fantastic... always smiling, always helping. Keep it up - you are wonderful.
Joan & Paul Bridges, Ottawa, Canada

Thank you for the wonderful dives and sharing your wisdom and experience with us. You are very special people that will remain in our memories throughout our lives.
Tim Behrendt, Las Vegas

Howard Pelovitz.

Teresa Timoteo and Vitor Silva, from Portugal.

Adela Bishop joins the Nitrox fold.

Jeff Cohen.

Kurt Miller.

Lianna Anderson swigs the kava, while Dorothy Williams sticks to the chardonnay.