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Now that's a camera!
Date: February 7-14, 2004
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Special Event: Greg Stone and Jeff Herzog come aboard to shoot some Hi-Def footage for the New England Aquarium's IMAX screen.

Greg Stone at Nigali Passage.

Joining guests this week was Greg Stone, vice president of Global Marine Programs for the New England Aquarium, as well being diver and explorer extraordinaire. Among numerous claims to fame, Greg also penned the recent National Geographic article about the expedition to the Phoenix Islands aboard NAI'A. With him was Jeff Herzog, a camera and sound techie. They came aboard with a flash Hi-Def camera, an even more flash housing, a video light that resembled a rocket launcher, and a tripod with enough weights to sink a battleship. Together they set about documenting some stunning Fiji images for the New England Aquarium's IMAX screen. In between takes, Greg kept us entertained and informed with videos and tales on subjects from diving under icebergs to being locked in Aquarius.

The gang on Vatu-I-Ra island.

And there were plenty of other memories this week... Chaz and Jeanette Bowles came aboard to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Chaz also stepped in as both crew surgeon and honorary crew band member. Helen & Jerry Palmquist retuned to NAI'A once more for another dose of fine diving and snorkelling. Cecile Espigole and Stephen Keevil, residents of Fiji, joined us to check out the great diving in their own back yard. Gilda Sprung clocked her 300th dive, while husband Warren and friend Digger Rowe kept Josh and Liz amused with their unrelenting ribbing. And, Chuck Newyar stepped in as Greg's lighting assistant on occasion, handling the "rocket launcher" like a pro.

Chaz and Jeanette Bowles, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Fiji


Great boat! Great trip!

Donald "Digger" Rowe, Glendora CA

I was really impressed with how hard the crew works.

Chuck Newyar, Calgary Canada

Spectacular diving!
Jeanette Bowles, Boulder CO

The best boat, best crew, best group of divers, best dive trip ever!
Warren & Gilda Sprung, Houston TX

"Digger" Rowe with Warren & Gilda Sprung.

Helen & Jerry Palmquist, back again aboard NAI'A.

Stephen Keevil & Cecile Espigole listen to the NAI'A boys singing.

Chuck Newyar and mascot

Heading out for more of Fiji's finest diving.

Greg Stone kicks back.

Chaz plays some jazz on his pocket trumpet.

Jeff Herzog films the Sawaieke village meke.