Return to NAI'A

All work and all play
Date: March 13-20, 2004
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Returning Passengers: Jim Stringer, Alan Kasper

Guests and crew

It was all work and all play [or are they the same thing when it comes to doing this job?] for Mike Musto's group, with classes during surface intervals these past seven days. Doug Jones kept up, though, never missing a dive... the guy is a machine! Respite came after the sun when down, with guided celestial tours courtesy of captain Johnathan, and enjoyed by Leslie Stout, Ed Beck and Jim Gustin among others. Ron Thrower upset the competition at Nigali, Matt Stout burned through rolls of film, Anna Bodenhamer (and copycat Jeffrey Brown) clocked 200 dives, and Jacquline Joseph-Dezaire got the boys doing the 1-2-3 count in French. Patrick Plantard and Josh bridged their language divide by reverting to the Latin names of fish. Our Mo gave Christina Beck a few guitar lessons, while Jeffrey showed us he already knew what to do. Al Kasper and Liz stumbled across the remains of a wreck at Wakaya - a couple of stacks of plates, some glass bottles, and a prop. Marv Hollfelder was a dive guides's delight, Nancy Brown overcame lighting hiccups, and Jim Stringer ironed out his camera bugs in the warm-up for his return to NAI'A for Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Jeffrey Brown   Marv Hollfelder


Wow -- super trip. Wonderful food, diving, but best of all, wonderful people. I shall return!
Jeffrey Brown, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Great crew and great boat.
Mike Musto, Fallbrook CA

Love the boat -- superb service, friendly crew. Looking forward to next time.
Ron Thrower, Raleigh NC

Everything was above and beyond our expectations the crew, the food, the village visit, the crew party. We had a wonderful time!
Ed & Christina Beck, Foster City CA

Great week, best crew anywhere! Can't wait to come back ... vinaka.
Doug Jones, Stuyvesant Falls NY

Best food ever!
Anna Bodenhamer, Dallas TX

Wonderful crew, great time, thank you!
Alan Kasper, Ann Arbor MI

What can I say about this crew and boat that has not already been said except that it was an even greater experience for me than words can describe. Thank you.
Marv Hollfelder, Appleton WI

Alan Kasper   Anna Bodenhamer

Crew Kava Party

Nancy Brown


Jacquline Joseph-Dezaire & Patrick Plantard

Jim Stringer

Ed Beck with daughter Christina.

Matt & Leslie Stout

Jim Gustin, Mike Musto & Ron Thrower

Doug Jones