Return to NAI'A

Fiji Islands Photo Adventure, Part I
Date: April 3-10, 2004
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Guest Hosts: Photographers Jack & Sue Drafahl and Larry & Denise Tackett
Returning Passengers: Tom & Joleen Eizember

Digital photo gurus Jack and Sue Drafahl, together with renowned film photographers Larry and Denise Tackett, joined NAI'A for the first of two charters where underwater imaging was the focus. During surface intervals these photo pros taught us all a trick or two, while blowing us away with samples of their own work... and, of course, there was ample comic relief as their two camps played out the perpetual digital vs film battle.
Chromodoris kuniei nudibranch
unknown pygmy seahorse
scalefin anthias
rufus, or hairy, ghost pipefish

ABOVE: Some of the many underwater digital photos taken this week by Jack & Sue Drafahl.

This week the NAI'A dive guides outdid themselves finding macros subjects, as Richard found us a very pretty - and very tiny! - pair of unknown pygmy seahorses. But more excitement came at Nigali where Josh and Denise rescued a frenzied shark. And the drama didn't end there, as a tropical depression (we'll call it a cyclone) boiled up one morning, sending the ship rocking and rolling like nothing we've ever seen. We got away with our cameras unscathed, though, (...let's not mention the M.I.A. anchor...) and rounded off the trip being buzzed by dolphins during our last dive.

Returning passengers, Tom and Joleen Eizember.   Dianne Morris, budding digital photographer.


Overall the nicest crew of any liveaboard I've been on.
Dianne Morris, Delafield WI

We are counting the days 'til we can return to dive Fiji with the NAI'A!
Richard and Mary Rankin, Highland MD

If the world of macro was at the size in Josh briefings, photography would be a lot easier!
Jack Drafahl, Tillamook OR

Vinaka to the crew and owners of the NAI’A! What a wonderful world you live and work in everyday. All of your hard work is appreciated!
Alison and Jeff Lalonde, Long Beach CA

Alison & Jeff Lalonde... and a bowl of kava.


Jack & Sue Drafahl.

Mary Rankin.

Larry & Denise Tackett

Richard Rankin.