A Comet!

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Date: April 2-12, 2005
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Returning Passengers: Cres & Vicki Kreiser


The gang.
Moray eel. Photo: Ray Clark.
Cres Kreiser and new friend.
Photo: Vicki Kreiser.
The NAI'A at dusk. Photo: Ray Clark.

The elusive comet, spotted at Mellow Yellow. Photo: Ray Clark.
Chris Walker jams with the NAI'A boys.
Doryce Stultz masters the Fijian two-step.
Dancing at Lovu Village -- Jeff Stultz and Ray Clark.



This was another awesome trip. All the crew – “rui totoka!” Great food, smooth sailing, effortless diving, always a helping hand around, and not to mention all the smiling faces, happy singing, and kava galore. Josh and Liz, again you left no grain of sand unturned… and I won’t mention the current (what current?), OK? It was all fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. We’ll be back.
Cres & Vicki Kreiser

NAI’A has probably ruined us for diving elsewhere. Great food, good company, diving with top notch enthusiastic dive guides, and the friendly crew that made us feel at home – it will all be hard to match. I think we saw all the marine life in the picture gallery, and more. Now where do we go??
Jeff & Doryce Stultz

Excellent food, care and attention. The marine biology information was much appreciated, as was the attention to Win’s diet. Chris appreciated all the hours Richie gave to his snorkeling. Thank you also for being so prompt to help Win when her o-ring gave way. Once again, mega thanks for all you did.
Chris & Win Walker

Fantastic food and crew, beautiful cabins, and great diving – I saw everything I expected and then some. I’ll be back.
Ray Clark


Malabar grouper at Nigali Passage. Photo: Ray Clark.
Vicki Kreiser came back for the kava.
Sunset off Gau Island. Photo: Vicki Kreiser.
Win Walker celebrates her 400th dive.
Popcorn shrimp. Photo: Ray Clark.
Juvenile blue ribbon eel at Magic Mushrooms. Photo: Ray Clark.
Tomato anemonefish. Photo: Ray Clark.
Affectionate remoras. Photo: Ray Clark.