Honeymoons & Milestones

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Date: October 15-22, 2005
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji

Cabbage coral at Nigali Passage.
"Josh & Liz"-ardfish.


It’s that time of year again - the water is warming up but still nice and clear, and the weather almost always seems to be hovering somewhere between good and great. A full boat of keen divers were on hand to make the best of the conditions whether diving, enjoying their honeymoon, or racking up milestones, there were plenty of excuses for celebration.


Banded cleaner shrimp.
Sharon Wada and a new friend at Lovu Village.
Esteban Ramirez celebrates his 40th.
Tubastrea coral at night, photographed with a flourescent filter.


Wolfgang & Birgit Quirchmayr were among the honeymooners, both logging their 100th dives and putting in impressive performances in the high diving events. Alan and Mary Vandeford were on Part One of their Fiji adventure and proved a great team, Mary acting as spotter for Alan, who snapped hundreds of underwater photos. Bob and Gayle Bringas were among the keenest of divers, always flipping their tags to black. Alex Davids was right up there with them as he continues his round-the-world diving spree.


Common lionfish.
Chironephthya coral at Mount Mutiny.
Banded sea snake.


Esteban Ramirez celebrated his birthday early on while buddy Paul Duhamel gave the dive guides a run for their money – a pair of leaf fish being one of his many finds. Sharon Wada was swapped between her tried-and-true Nik V and her brand spanking new HDV camera, mastering the fine art of white balance along the way. Daniel Lilly always had at least one camera in hand, capturing some wonderful wide angle shots and amazing coral shots using fluorescent filters – he also showed all how NOT to play Superman. Dan’s wife, Krista, was also pretty handy with the camera, and notched up triple figures in the dive log book.


Fijian seascape.
Spotfin lionfish.
Blue ribbon eel.
Karen & Jerry Anderson.


The luck was running underwater for Kevin Meyer, on his honeymoon with wife Eileen, as the mantas and sea snakes seemingly singling him out for photo ops. The luckiest guest this week was undoubtedly Jerry Anderson, who not only won the trip, but managed to flood his cameras multiple times and still have them working the entire trip. Jerry’s wife, Karen, took to the water in the perfect conditions for snorkelling but kept the boat close at hand… and after a few taste tests decided for certain, she did not like kava.


Brittle star on soft coral.
Krista Lilly clocks 100 dives.
Gayle & Bob Bringas.
Commensal crab on leopard sea cucumber.



Vinaka for a memorable week of fun, boat antics, wonderful food, ‘totoka’ crew and world class diving – Maytag is the Cat’s Meow in my dive book. Look forward to seeing you on a future trip, perhaps Tonga, or a retrun trip to Fiji, or both!
Sharon Wada, Snohomish WA

We looked forward to visiting and diving Fiji for many years – and the NAI’A and especially the cruise directors, captain and crew exceeded expectations – the best crew attitude of any liveaboard we’ve been on. We’ll definitely come back! Thanks so much for a lifetime experience!
Paul Duhamel & Esteban Ramirez, San Francisco CA

The NAI’A is truly its crew – their wamth and hospitality made our journey wonderful. Kevin and I are thankful we were welcomed into your hearts and you will always be a part of ours.
Kevin & Eileen Meyer, North Bellmore NY


Emperor angelfish.

Thank you for a beautiful experience. It was just so wonderful. Everyone was so nice.
Jerry & Karen Anderson, Wrightwood CA

Our first liveaboard experience and second time in Fiji. Most amazing time aboard the NAI’A. Incredible crew and the food was to die for. Second honeymoon – each one gets better and better. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Dan & Krista Lilly, PoseiDan.com, Norwalk CT


Dan Lilly, Birgit Quirchmayr and Eileen Meyer at Lovu Village.

So many thank you’s to say to the crew of the NAI’A. We know we’ll be back soon. What a spectacular experience!
Allan & Mary Vandeford, Vail CO

Thank you very much – we loved it!
Birgit & Wolfgang Quirchmayr, on honeymoon from Austria

Thanks to the brilliant NAI’A team for an unforgettable week! Things only get this good when everyone on the team excels. Every aspect of the trip has worked like clockwork. What a great introduction to Fiji’s wonderful world.
Alex Davids, from England and travelling the world


Humphead scorpionfish.
Kids at Lovu Village.
Hawksbill turtle.
Clown triggerfish.
Alex Davids.
Chevron barracuda.
Mary Vandeford.
Longnose hawkfish.
Butterfly, Vatu-I-Ra Island.
Hawksbill turtle.
Kevin Meyer.
Leaf-gilled slug.
Longnose filefish.
Orange-fin anemonefish.
Paul Duhamel.
Randall's shrimpgoby.
Wolfgang Quirchmayr.