Family & Friends

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Date: December 10-17, 2005
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Returning Passengers: Andrew & Susan Wiens, Donn Winner, James Mathias, Deb Frost & Isoa "Bale" Baleidrokadroka


Brigg Edwards.
Isoa "Bale" Baleidrokadroka & Deb Frost.
Tomato anemonefish in a red anemone.



Magic, kindness, laughter, wisdom and beauty – thank you for making it all possible. There is a good trip, a great trip, and an exceptional trip… then there is the NAI’A, which exceeds all expectations.
Chess Edwards, Escondido CA

Many thanks to ALL the crew and staff.
Donn Winnner, West Falmouth MA

Thank you for letting us be part of the NAI’A family. This was an exceptional experience in all ways – diving, people, weather and calm waters!
Art Gowling & Debbie Neergaard, Vancouver, Canada

The spirit of the crew and the amazing diving, made this trip unforgettable. The perfect way to finish ’05.
Andrew & Susan Wiens, South Pasedena CA

“II” tanks for the memories.
James Mathias, Toronto, Canada

Thanks NAI’A gang. I’ve had a great time once again – diving, eating, socializing with the greatest people and my second family… what more could you want?
Tandra Lawrence, Fiji


Blue ribbon eel.
Andrew & Susan Wiens.
Leather coral.
Art Gowling & Debbie Neergaard at the kava party.
James Mathias and a new friend.
Hingebeak shrimp.
Andrew Wiens.
Freckled hawkfish.
Wrenn Edwards and Tandra Lawrence.
Midas blenny.
Banded sea krait.
Pink anemonefish watches over its newly laid eggs.
Deb Frost learns more about copra.
Sinularia coral at Kansas.

Todd & Alexx Edwards.
At Lovu Village.
Juvenile yellow-fin anemonefish.
Donn Winner and a bowl of kava.
Brain coral.
Chess Edwards.
"Teddy's last dive".
Captain Johnathan's better half (aka Mavis).
Brain coral and a blenny's hole.
Orange-fin anemonefish.
"Cyclops" (aka Andrew Wiens).