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Date: March 13-17, 2006
Destination: Vatu-I-Ra, Fiji

The mother-of-all popcorn shrimps.


Josh, Liz & crew: I had a wonderful time, learned so much with all your help. You all are a delight to be around I will be back.
Deborah Carter

Thanks to the boat and crew for the outstanding dive adventure. I look forward to diving with you again.
Rich Lower


Da girlz: Susan Copelas, Rachel Lower, Deborah Carter, Lisa Waller.


Thanks for a great week and all your hospitality! The boat, crew and diving were fantastic! This will be the only liveaboard I recommend for diving in Fiji.
Tom Gorman

Wonderful, fabulous, outstanding – just a few words to describe our short but sweet time on the NAI’A. Thank you for making each moment memorable.
Lisa Waller


Freckle-face blenny.


Suli, you have the smile of an angel, thank you for all your kindness and for helping me get dressed! Mighty Mo, thanks for sending your bird out to get me and then for throwing me onto your skiff as if I only weighed ten pounds. Jioji, thanks for the strong helping hand getting on and off the skiffs every day, you made it easy and comfortable. John, thanks for the good chats, the cool maps, and for all things captain-ish! Josh, your humor and easy going manner really put me at ease… and still, your professionalism was top-notch; thanks for the vocabulary lessons (ie: “dud whale”, etc). Peni, next time I visit, you should be certified; thank you for the delicious and beautiful meals – we could smell the food from the dive site, yum! Ed, thanks for the diving and for the kava… thanks too for pointing out some great nudibranchs! Liz, the NAI’A will lose a treasure when you go – to put it simply, you have a great vibe! And thanks for being so generous with the popcorn shrimp (I know you were dying for your turn) and for letting me dive Cat’s Meow twice, yay! And as they say throughout the book, thanks also to the rest of “the boys” for making us feel welcomed, comfortable, and well cared for. I cannot wait to see you all again in 2007!
Rachel Domingo


Coral crab.


Organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica).
Tom Gorman III.
Richard Lower.
Scott Marsh.
Bradley Graham.