All's well in Frogdom

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Date: July 1-8, 2006
Destination: Bligh Triangle, Fiji
Group Charter: Ocean's Door

The gang.


This week a group of adventure travellers, lead by Eric Schreuder of Ocean’s Door, managed to see a great hammerhead on the check-out dive – a first at humble Samu Reef. With a kick-off like that, the trip kept up the momentum with plenty more of Fiji’s finest diving – gorgeous viz, 'happy' corals, ribbon eels, leaf fish, a handsome manta (spotted by Eric’s wife Jana), and a few sea snakes thrown in for good measure (Ann – you love them really, you’re just in denial right now). Jeff and Susan celebrated birthdays (and we’ve learned that 60 is the new 40), Karen got her Open Water ticket, Peter and Linda aced their Nitrox course, Don was the trip's keenest diver, and Allison told the tale of King Firebelly and his Frogdom. Neal discovered wetsuits dried faster in the sun and wind (especially at altitude), while Vince realized the advantages of checking his own pressure gauge (as opposed to someone else’s). All the girls danced up a storm at Somosomo Village, while the fellas were responsible for the dubious scuba-themed music in the salon. And if this gang ever returns we have a tip for future cruise directors: be very careful when drawing dive maps…

– Josh & Liz

Linda Avery & Peter Rumsey.
Jana & Allison Schreuder.

Longnose hawkfish.

Susan Sonnthal teaches the kids to blow bubbles.
Charenton Drake & Karen Covington.
Meke, Somosomo Village.
Mary & Neal Robbins, Somosomo Village.
Joe Wenger gets festive.

Juvenile common lionfish.
Jeff Whitman, in his diveskin.
Vince Shulda beats a tune on the lali.
Popcorn shrimp on flourescent adhesive anemone.





The most beautiful corals anywhere in the world! We thoroughly enjoyed the diving, appreciate the comfort of the NAI’A, and the friendly hospitality of the best crew we have encountered anywhere. Thanks for a fabulous week!
Jana, Eric & Allison Schreuder, Lake Bluff IL

Thanks to all the crew for a memorable trip. The diving, the hospitality, the food was fantastic! The educational video lectures were especially enjoyable and something different than other liveaboards. We shall always remember the visit to the village and smiles of the children and adults! My first and second kava party – hopefully my last – will be something to remember for a long time. Can’t wait to watch the trip video at home! Thank you Josh and Liz and good luck to you wherever your diving leads you!
Don & Linda Gockenbach, Barrington IL

I was certified on this trip and worry that I’ve been ruined for the future due to the spectacular reefs and amazing knowledge and care from Josh and Liz. Seeing the always smiling faces of the crew and being greeted with such delicious food when returning from a dive made this trip a dream. Thank you to you all.
Karen Covington, San Francisco CA

To all those that enter the doors of this salon a wonderful adventure awaits! This was a special week of diving! Liz and Josh bring a special passion to this sport, and their educational videos are a delight and never boring. We learned so many new sides to diving. I will never forget the blue ribbon eel and the various shapes and sizes of nudibranchs. The crew was above and beyond! They took extra special care of everything. I will have a difficult time on other liveaboards now. The kitchen staff and Ben never disappointed us and the choices and selections were yummy! Thank you for a wonderful adventure!
Joe & Ann Wenger, Glenview IL

Vince was here, Vince had a good time!!!
Vince Shulda, Laguna Niguel CA

Josh, Liz and the NAI’A crew: The diving was great, but without you the trip would not have been the memorable, heartwarming experience that it was. I hope our paths cross at some point in the future.
Susan Sonnthal, Lake Bluff IL

I came without expectations and left with infinite memories. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Charenton Zelor Drake, Lake Forest IL



John Serences.
Linda Gockenbach.
Don Gockenbach.
Eric Schreuder.
George Covington.
Ann Wenger.