Playing with Dolphins!!

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Date: 31 March - 7 April, 2007
Destination: Vatu-I-Ra, Makogai Fiji
Returning Passengers: James Mathias, Abe Avraamides

A big pod of about 150 spinner dolphins decided to play with us in Vatu-I-Ra area for at least half an hour, surrounding our skiff and powering along with us as we did big circles, occasionally jumping full body out of the water and falling back in with skilful acrobatics. A truly memorable experience.


Abe at Mt Mutiny.
Pink anemonefish.
Trumpet fish.


James Mathias and Abe Avraamides have spent more time on the NAI’A in the last twelve months than at home, so good to dive with you yet again. Welcome back and thank you for chartering the whole boat. This time they brought another enthusiastic fish friend along, Timmi Stein.


Honeycomb moray.
Abe at Mt Mutiny.
Abe modelling for James at E6.


Makogai spoilt us with a free swimming blue ribbon eel, meandering its almost five feet of length elegantly along the reef. We also had a fully grown adult clown coris diving into the sand head first and disappearing completely…. anything to do with full moon moods?


Gunter at E6.
Blue ribbon eel.
Mavis & Sonia.


Gunter Swoboda joined us from Austria, and had his best wall dive ever amongst the colorful and plentiful chironephthya soft corals covering the walls of Mount Mutiny. Very unique and equally awesome !


Whip coral comensal shrimps.
Randalls goby.
Timmi at Alacrity.
Mavis & Sonia.


Mavis Smith, our Captain John’s wife, came along as well, and joined him under water. Congratulations Mavis !

We visited the Makogai clam and turtle breeding project, and saw hundreds of tiny clams growing in large tanks.


Whip coral goby.
Fan at E6.
Emperor shrimp.
Lizard fish waiting in ambush.


Our talented crew prepared a traditional lovo meal for as on Vatu-I-Ra Island, which we enjoyed with guitar music and singing, under a clear night sky covered in stars … cast away in paradise …


Suli tending to the lovu.
Gunter tending a beer at the lovu.

The babes of the trip - Mavis, Suli, Sonia and Timmi.


We ended the charter with two dives on E6 at its best, yet again, as plenty of sun rays reflected superbly off the walls and floor of the caverns, and with one dive on “Mathias’ Maze” a new dive site we discovered on this charter and named after James. A maze of pinnacles and swim thrus, all covered in soft corals, fans and fish.


Captain John & wife Mavis.
Ben, Sefanaia & Jioji uncovering the lovu.
Kava party on the NAI'A.


Guest Comments

Tanks for the memories IX
Even better this time !
Vinaka vaka levu
James Mathias, Nadi, Fiji and Toronto, Canada

Einsame Tauchgaenge an den ueber 1000m tiefen Waenden des Bligh Water Channel. Dies unter der unglaublich sympatischen und profesionellen Leitung von Grant (New Zealand) und Sonia (Schweiz).
Einfach grossartiges Tauchen.
Gunter Swoboda, Igls, Austria

The privilege of diving the spectacular waters of the Fiji Islands comes second only to the gracious generosity and spirit of this most special NAI’A crew. - Your efforts provided a dream holiday! Extra special thanks for the Vatu-I-Ra lovo.- It has been a week that will last me a lifetime of fond memory, (including the ‘speed’ dive in the dark).
Vinaka vaka levu,
Timmi Stein, Toronto, Canada

I’d say it was a dream
But I do not dream so well
Once again the NAI’A crew
Have cast their magic spell
A memory forever is what you gave to me
I’ll be back again to join you
For a Lovo by the sea
Euharisto! Thank you ! Vinaka !
Abe Avraamides, Toronto, Canada


James Mathias
Under the Blue Horizon Ltd.