Welcome Back Anytime, Smiley Steve Webster!

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Date: June 23-30, 2007
Destination: Vatu-I-Ra, Gau, Makogai, Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji
Welcome back: Steve Webster, Bob and Chris Rorden, Edie and John Summey, Karen Doby, Todd Ruston, and Dennis Long.
Congratulations: Mike and Shirley Ritter, and Deborah Reitz on completing the TDI Nitrox course, and to Dennis Long, Todd Ruston, Christian von Bogdandy, John Summey, Jamie-Sue West and Peg Stone on making an Evolution Rebreather experience dive.

Steve Webster, welcome back to your second home, NAI'A. It was an honour to meet you, to dive with you and to share your enthusiasm for the under water world. We are already looking very much forward to your next charter in October!! Tami Bates was Steve's excellent dive buddy, and a very cheerful and happy camper like himself.


Soft Corals, Crinoids and Anthias.


Rick's Rocks at Makogai was at its very best, with the soft corals and fans around the double layered overhang in full puffed up display, and very dense clouds of juvenile and adult Magenta slender anthias and Scalefin anthias pulsating about it all, accompanied by streams of fusiliers flowing between the two pinnacles, and jack fish chasing everybody else around … one of those unforgettable dives.


Bubble Coral with Shrimp.
Edie in the Window.
Fiji For You.


Jamie-Sue West, Christian von Bogdandy, Dan Brooks and Dennis Long enjoyed each other's company above and under water, and rivaled each other in beer drinking endurance competitions. Welcome back Dennis.

Mo's Hairy ghost pipefish is still floating back and forth by a fan at Humann Nature, looking very much like a piece of red algae with eyes, very handsome, albeit a bit untidy…


NAI'A Pipefish.
Sinularia Soft Coral at Kansas.


Welcome back Bob and Chris Rorden, father and son diving together, how much better can it get?!

Ron's Delight at Makogai has lovely big soft corals of many different colours all around its sides, and a great variety of Cardinalfish species living in its crevices and under its overhangs. We found its resident and very handsome yellow leaf fish again, covered in white and brown patches, but this time he brought his mate along, looking as gorgeous as himself.

Gentle spirits and keen sailors, Shirley and Mike Ritter are also enthusiastic divers and like to smile a lot.


Awesome Fiji.
Banded Sea Snake.
Masked Surgeonfish.


Prepared from last charter, we did not miss our dusk to night dive at Alacrity passage, and where spoiled again with dense bioluminescence fire works along the reef and with Flashlight fish doing their neon magic, truly awesome again!

Deborah Reitz and Colleen Meleady, always followed the dive guides closely, as they did not want to miss a single amazing Fiji critter, and celebrated every find with big under water grins.


Christmas Tree Tube Worms.


Welcome back, Edie and John Summey. Fiji is becoming their second home and who would want to blame them for it … magnificent choice!

David Zippin, Peg Stone and Karen Doby made a great buddy-triplet-team and staid under water about double the time than everyone else… has anybody invented underwater lunch packages, yet? Welcome back Karen.


Crinoid Commensal Shrimp.


Todd Ruston's best buddy is his camera, and boy did we enjoy his photographs, good on you, Todd, gorgeous they were, and thank you for sharing. Welcome back on the NAI'A!


Anemonefish Eggs (mature).


We could not resist going back again to Makogai village and clam farm for yet another of those spectacular village visits with the most wonderful traditional dancing performance (meke). Vinaka vaka levu, Makogai!!


Spiny Lobster.


Guest Comments

My 11th NAI'A Cruise, and they never disappoint. The dives, even with choppy seas, are spectacular. The Crew is 100% - 100% of the time to make this the best experience possible. Sonia is a superb cruise director and dive guide. She has the energy of any four of us! I'll be back in October. Can't wait!!
Vinaka vaka levu,
Steve Webster, Carmel Valley, CA, USA


Chironephthya Soft Coral.


Here's “fishing” that we will be back on the NAI'A soon – GREAT TRIP again!
John and Edie Summey, Carbondale, IL, USA

Such a wonderful Crew, good food and great dives – too few. I will be back hoping for smoother seas.
Shirley Ritter, Avila Beach, CA, USA

The NAI'A and Crew are as wonderful as ever.
Mello Yello on the last day made the trip! Glorious!
Vinaka vaka levu!
Todd Ruston, Salinas, CA, USA


Blue Ribbon Eel.


It was all great.
Thank you NAI'A Crew, one and all.
I'll be back to Fiji!
Deborah Reitz, Pebble Beach, CA, USA

I could not have asked for a more satisfying adventure and a fun, friendly Crew.
Thanks to all of you!
Dan Brooks, Santa Barbara, CA, USA (“Shark Bait, Ooo ahah”)

This has been a wonderful experience, even better than I could have ever imagined. My first liveaboard was certainly not the last. I hope to be back on the NAI'A soon.
Christian von Bogdandy, Belmont, CA, USA


Flabellina exoptata nudi.


Thank you, Crew of the NAI'A!
I have had a fabulous week of diving. Sonia, you are the most enthusiastic and hard working trip coordinator I have had the pleasure to travel with! Vinaka to the whole fabulous Crew for sharing Fiji with me!
Peg Stone, Oakland, CA, USA

Trip Motto (his own): Change your attitude, go to the bow and think about sex!!
Fantastic – Outstanding.
Thank you!!
Dennis Long, Pacific Grove, CA USA


Humpback Cleaner Shrimp.


Thank you so much!
I had no idea what to expect and I couldn't have imagined it better. The Crew was absolutely amazing as was the diving. I learned to change my attitude, go to the bow and think about sex.
Jamie-Sue West, San Jose, CA, USA

The NAI'A and Crew were fabulous! What a great first dive trip! Wonderful food, fantastic diving, and the people put the trip over the top!
I will see you again soon!
Tami Bates, Alameda, CA, USA



Clown Triggerfish.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Steve Webster.
Tami Bates.
Bob Rorden.
Chris Rorden.
Jamie-Sue West.
Christian von Bogdandy.
Dan Brooks.
Dennis Long.
Mike Ritter.
Shirley Ritter.
Colleen Meleady.
Deborah Reitz.
Red-spotted Blenny.
Edie Summey.
John Summey.
Flabellina bilas nudi.
Todd Ruston.
Flame Hawkfish.
Golden Mantis Shrimp.
Shailina Shah.
Karen Doby.
Juvenile Lemonpeel Angelfish.
David Zippin.
Peg Stone.
White Leaf Fish.