Mike Ratunamasa, 1968-2017

Date Published: Oct 25th, 2017 - Comments
Author: Rob Barrel

Tragically, our much-loved office manager, Mike Ratunamasa, passed away on Sunday due to a massive heart attack while he slept. He was 49.  So many of you knew Mike personally. He exemplified the spirit of NAI’A in both his warmth and professionalism. Mike was our very first employee and after working loyally for us for 25 years - starting as steward on the boat before moving ashore to manage the office - he was beginning to think about retiring to a life of leisure in his village. Thousands of NAI’A passengers, all our crew members and our entire extended family have experienced first-hand Mike’s friendliness, efficiency and honesty. From the very beginning, Mike has been so intimately tied to every aspect of NAI’A’s operations and adventures that we can’t even imagine how we are going to get on without him! Along with many family and friends in Fiji and around the world, we at NAI’A will miss Mike deeply. And yet, because of him, we go on.


“This was my first visit to Fiji and my first time on a liveaboard. I must say it exceeded all expectations….Food, diving and hospitality was 5*”


~ Mark