NAI'A is Safe as Cyclone Evan Moves Away

Date Published: Dec 17th, 2012 - Comments
Author: Rob Barrel

NAI'A is safe!

The wind is finally dropping over Fiji as Severe Cyclone Evan moves away to the south. NAI'A survived the night unscathed in her safe hurricane hole and our office and homes in Pacific Harbour are okay.

Evan was the worst storm to hit Fiji since Cyclone Kina, which arrived the day before NAI'A and I did in 1993.This time the brunt of the storm was felt in Lautoka and Fiji's west and we still do not have information about the extent of the damage there. As the storm approached Lautoka yesterday afternoon, our operation manager, Hussain, got his last call through before the phones went down to say he was sheltering in the house he just finished building and that it was terrifying to see things blowing away all around him. We don't yet know how Hussain's house stood up to the full force of the winds last night.

My neice, Wrenn, is in the air right now on a flight scheduled to land at Nadi in six hours time, which, in the absence of more information about damge in the west, we take to be a good sign....

This will be the last update I post as all of us now turn to looking after our families as Christmas approaches.

Best fishes,

Rob Barrel

Cyclone Evan, 12:30 Monday

Cyclone Evan, 12:30 Monday

Cyclone Evan, 17:30 Monday

Cyclone Evan, 17:30 Monday

Cyclone Evan, 05:30 Tuesday

Cyclone Evan, 05:30 Tuesday


“We loved every minute of our time with you in Tonga! It could not have been any better. Each and every member of the NAI’A team was outstanding and each of you made our whale expedition unforgettable. The whales, the hospitality, the guides, the skiff driving, the dinners and the singing and kava… Everything was wonderful. It was the best honeymoon ever!”

Buzz & Ellie

~ Buzz & Ellie