NAI'A Aerial Video at Dive Site Mt. Mutiny

Date Published: Apr 4th, 2015 - Comments
Author: Rob Barrel

Here are my first aerial shots of NAI'A in Fiji. At this year's DEMA show all the old pros who came by our booth were talking about drones, so I went out an bought one on my last day in Las Vegas. These are it's first shots in Fiji, taken at Mt. Mutiny on a lovely calm day. The flight just before this one was much better -- a shot of the whole reef from way overhead, divers rolling out of the skiff -- but of course I failed to push the record button before launching the drone...! Since I hadn't flown over the water before, I was just happy to get my investment back warm and dry. (Shot using a DJI Phantom 2 drone with GoPro Hero 4 camera.)


“Lomaiviti is nationally significant for its important role in reseeding Fiji’s reefs and providing fish refuges.”

Dr. David Obura, Cordio and WWF Marine Biologist

~ Dr. David Obura, Cordio and WWF Marine Biologist