TC Evan Update

Date Published: Dec 17th, 2012 - Comments
Author: Rob Barrel

No news is (hopefully!) good news.

The eye of Severe Cyclone Evan has moved past Nadi now, but there is zero information coming out of Fiji. I last talked to my sister Alexx four hours ago just after the power had gone out but while the cell towers were still operating. Fiji Meteorology Service has stopped transmitting and from the news in Australia I've learned that the New Zealand Meteorology Service has taken over responsibility.

It is clear that Evan crossed both Lautoka and Nadi just offshore, so both cities were in the dangerous semicircle where the storm's speed added to the cyclonic speed of the wind.

I'm reasonably confident that NAI'A is safe, but I worry for the families of my crew, most of whom live in Nadi or Lautoka. While "the boys" have been taking care of NAI'A, their wives and kids have had to fend for themselves....



“I'm sure that it's very difficult for the Nai'a establishment to solve this thorny situation. But, be assured that we, your Nai'a family in a small way, are sympathetic. We realize that the reason we love your trips is that you spend what it takes for a quality voyage. That's why we come back. And that's why we plonk down $10K to sail with you. We know it's worth it.”


~ Steve