Phoenix Islands Protected Area

Destination: An expedition to Kiribati, the Phoenix Islands.
Trip Date: Sep 8th - Sep 28th, 2009 - Comments

Wow what an expedition!

Dr Greg Stone of Conservation International & New England Aquarium put the trip together. Documenting the trip was Brian Skerry from National Geographic. The team comprised of world-renowned marine biologists/scientists and donors to the trust that funds the world’s largest marine protected area PIPA.

There have been two enthralling blogs written during the trip so if you want to know more from the people in the know then check out the links below!

The New England Aquarium website has a day by day blog made up by contributions from the whole group. Log on to their website at and then follow the links to blogs, PIPA expedition 2009.

The Woods Hole Institute representatives Larry & Kate also kept a diligent blog that can be found on the Woods Hole website at


“Lomaiviti is nationally significant for its important role in reseeding Fiji’s reefs and providing fish refuges.”

Dr. David Obura, Cordio and WWF Marine Biologist

~ Dr. David Obura, Cordio and WWF Marine Biologist