Bookings & Reservations

Individuals and groups can book a NAI’A charter directly with our office in Fiji. Alexx or Joeli will efficiently answer your questions and sort all your details.

Charter application, liability agreements, credit card authorization forms, travel and rendezvous information and contact details for NAI’A Fiji scuba diving.

Individual scuba divers, groups and travel agents can use NAI’A’s automated booking system to reserve cabins for Fiji diving expeditions.

There are no hidden costs for a NAI’A expedition to scuba dive in Fiji and virtually everything is included in the charter price.

The most affordable, safe, simple and efficient way to enjoy world-class scuba diving in Fiji is from the liveaboard ship NAI’A.

See what recent NAI’A passengers, famous filmmakers and scientists have to say about their NAI’A scuba diving expedition in Fiji.

Detailed reviews of recent NAI’A scuba diving expeditions: see what our passengers are publishing online about their experiences.

Special rates for full and half-boat charters booked directly through the NAI’A Fiji office or with dive travel wholesalers and travel agents.

Travel agent and wholesaler access to password-protected NAI’A Fiji booking details for upcoming Fiji scuba diving expeditions.

Contact details for NAI’A Fiji liveaboard scuba diving including email, phone, fax and mailing address.

“I'm sure that it's very difficult for the Nai'a establishment to solve this thorny situation. But, be assured that we, your Nai'a family in a small way, are sympathetic. We realize that the reason we love your trips is that you spend what it takes for a quality voyage. That's why we come back. And that's why we plonk down $10K to sail with you. We know it's worth it.”


~ Steve