Manta over Coral

Oceanic Discovery and Conservation

NAI'A is an eco-diving destination driven by four principles: Partnership, Presentation, Participation and Protection

For in-depth details, please see Eco-Toursim and NAI'A

In an effort to provide a meaningful and enjoyable eco-tourism experience, NAI'A pursues these projects:

  • Ocean Temperature Monitoring at Depth - we set and retrieve recorders and deliver data to the scientist
  • Tonga Humpback Whale Expedition - whale watching alongside whale research (surface and under)
  • Coral Reef Monitoring - divers can assist cruise director or guest scientists in tracking reef health
  • Coral Reef Baseline Surveys - guest scientists lead surveys on board and/or use ship's marine database
  • Primal Ocean Project, Phoenix Islands - diving discovery and scientific research expeditions to isolated, Kiribati archipelago

We endeavor to educate and enrich our diving guests by:

  • Offering slide seminars or video screenings on local marine life or conservation issues
  • Visiting remote villages for casual cultural exchanges and traditional ceremonies
  • Encouraging exploratory dives on regular trips or hosting special discovery trips to uncharted territories

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