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Nitrox Diving

NAI'A offers Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) to divers who are certified and fit to use Nitrox by any reputable training agency such as PADI, ANDI, PADI or NAUI. We use a sophisticated high-capacity membrane system to achieve the standard 32% (NNI) mix. The NAI'A system and its operators are also capable of providing specific mixes between 21%-100% by special request for recreational or rebreather diving.

Please see our rates page for nitrox pricing.

Nitrox Courses

You can become certified as a PADI Nitrox Diver during your NAI'A cruise. The PADI course is succinct, interesting, simply presented and designed with traveling live-aboard divers in mind. The course involves approximately four hours of lectures culminating in an exam and you then have the option of using Nitrox immediately. The course costs US$225.00 which includes the gas mixes during the course. If you would like to continue using Nitrox throughout the remainder of the trip, the extra Nitrox charge is US$120 for a seven day charter or US$180 for a ten day charter. If you would like to take the PADI Nitrox Diver course aboard NAI'A, please request this upon booking so that we can confirm for you the availability of the instruction during your chosen cruise date.

Nitrox & Dive Computers

Many people like to dive Nitrox using a programmable-mix Nitrox computer to achieve the maximum bottom-time benefits that the gas allows at depths shallower than 130 feet. NAI'A has Nitrox diving computers available for rental use or for sale on board. However, it is not necessary to own or rent a Nitrox computer to use Nitrox successfully or safely. In fact, many recreational divers choose an air computer with Nitrox to profit from the considerable extra safety margin that the gas provides as well as the significant benefits in energy and alertness. The most commonly cited advantage by Nitrox users is that they feel less fatigued and suffer from fewer headaches over repetitive dives on multi-day dive trips. That is, Nitrox divers often feel like diving more!