Rebreather & IMAX

Rebreather Diving

Many divers have gotten hooked on rebreathers…silent, bubble free and allowing you to swim so close to the fish that you have to push them out of the way! NAI'A offers support for keen tech divers who would like to bring their own units.

What is a rebreather ? A rebreather takes your exhaled breath, retains it in a loop, filters it, refreshes it and delivers it back to you for you to breathe again. So what does that give you in real terms, well firstly massive gains in air consumption. A rebreather can offer you the same gas equivalency at 130 ft (40m) as 20 x 80 cu ft (12li) cylinders.

Another major advantage of rebreathers - decompression efficiency - stems from these devices' ability to deliver the optimum gas mixture for a given depth. A semi-closed system (e.g. Drager Dolphin), will provide nitrox or mixed-gases that can be custom-blended for the intended depth of the dive. Fully-closed rebreather systems (e.g. Evolution) are often computer controlled and can actually change the gas mixture based on depth and the nature of the dive.

These characteristics allow rebreather divers to dramatically extend their bottom time or to shorten decompression obligations when engaged in extended range diving. For example, a fully-closed rebreather diver can perform a dive profile of 60ft/18m for over 3 hours with NO DECOMPRSSION requirements!

Also, in contrast to traditional scuba systems, which emit noisy streams of bubbles with each breath, rebreathers offer the advantage of quiet operation. Making it great for getting up close and personal to all that amazing fish life down there.

NAI'A is rebreather-friendly! The hard part about traveling with a rebreather is carrying the heavy cylinders and scrubber. We are sorry that can no longer supply the scrubber since it has a short shelf life but we do have cylinders for rent!

  • Cylinder Rental
    Why carry your heavy cylinders around the world. We have extra 2li (14 cu ft) and 3li (21 cu ft) cylinders on board already.
  • Oxygen fills to 200bar/3200psi